Tuesday, 27 November 2018 on 8:16am

BIOTROP Facilitates a Workshop on Corporate Communication for SEAMEO Centres in Indonesia

SEAMEO BIOTROP conducted a workshop on strengthening corporate communication in SEAMEO Centres in Indonesia on 8-9 November 2018 in its headquarter in Bogor. This activity was intended to build an effective corporate communication within all Centres in order to improve the credibility, relevancy and visibility of the Centres in relation with stakeholders both in Indonesia and abroad.

Corporate communication is a set of activities involve in internal and external communications which aim to create favourable point of view among stakeholders on which organization depends. It is important to build positive image and perception of organization, to gain public confidence and satisfaction towards organization, to improve understanding of organization, to gain greater staff and community engagement, and to manage communication (formal & informal) that make staff (internal) and stakeholders (external) feel valued, informed and motivated.

“I believe that all SEAMEO Centres surely need a good frame of corporate communication. Even if it is necessary, we make one concept that will be applied to all Centres. This is one of our efforts to increase our visibility, capability and impact to our clients,” said BIOTROP Director, Dr Irdika Mansur, in his opening remarks.

Three reputable resource persons were presented, namely 1) Dr Jesus Corpuz Fernandez, Deputy Director for Programme, SEAMEO BIOTROP, 2) Mrs. Prakaikan Schnietz, Deputy Director for Programme, SEAMEO SEAMOLEC, and 3) Mr. Bagja Hidayat, MM, Managing Editor for Tempo Magazine.

Dr Jess Fernandez and Mrs. Prakaikan Schnietz discussed about: 1) Identification of Gaps on Implementing Corporate Communication in SEAMEO Centres in Indonesia, 2) Definition, Purpose, Scope and Functions of Corporate Communication, 3) Identification of Corporate Communication Audience, 4) Mapping of Information Needs of Corporate Communication Audience, 5) the Use of Available Media and Other Communication Methods for Corporate Communication, and 6) Writing of Promotional Materials with Corporate Communication Audience and Media in Mind.

“A good corporate communication can be established by knowing our image and identity, knowing our audience, knowing our customers, knowing what information or service they need from us, knowing the proper media for delivering their needs, and knowing the right time to do it. And this is applied for both communication within and out of the organization,” conveyed Mrs. Prakaikan.

Meanwhile, the topic of Mr. Bagja brought was more focused on media engagement which discussed the ways to build relationship with the media, the aspects of an organization that media will be interested with, and how to present organization activities, products and services into a good writing and display.

“The point is that we have to present the uniqueness of something that we want to share, such as important activities or facts, in an attractive and compendious way”, said Mr. Bagja.

A total of 35 representatives from the management level of SEAMEO BIOTROP, SEAMOLEC, RECFON, SEAQIS, SEAQIL, SEAQIM and CECCEP joined this activity.

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