Head of Internship Program and Certified Independent Study (MSIB) Appreciate SEAMEO BIOTROP Internship Program and Products Friday, 16 June 2023 on 11:22am

Head of Internship Program and Certified Independent Study (MSIB) Appreciate SEAMEO BIOTROP Internship Program and Products

To socialize and evaluate the results of the Certified Independent Study and Internship Program (MSIB) Batch 4, SEAMEO BIOTROP organized the "Student Showcase" event on Tuesday, June 13, 2023, both offline in the Jati SEAMEO BIOTROP room and online via the Zoom platform. Various products were presented by the 61 students participating in the MSIB Batch 4 internship program at SEAMEO BIOTROP. The event was also attended by Dr. Wachyu Hari Haji, MPM., CHRA, Head of the Internship Program and Certified Independent Study (MSIB).

The event began with a report on the activities by the coordinator of MSIB Batch 4 at SEAMEO BIOTROP, Ms. Dewi Suryani, MM. She expressed appreciation for the hard work and intelligence of the 60 students from 8 universities who were selected out of 2200 applicants for the MSIB Batch 4 program at SEAMEO BIOTROP. The MSIB Batch 4 program at SEAMEO BIOTROP consisted of 4 topics, including Tropical Biodiversity Management, Sub-Optimal Land Restoration, Environmental Laboratory Management, and Sustainable Urban Agriculture.

The series of activities continued with an opening speech by Dr. Zulhamsyah Imran, the director of SEAMEO BIOTROP. In his remarks, he stated, "The MSIB program can serve as a bridge to enhance the hard skills, soft skills, and entrepreneurship capabilities of fellow students."
"May the MSIB students become pioneers in sharing knowledge and drivers in biodiversity conservation, the preservation of supporting ecosystems, and support food security programs," he concluded.

Prof. Deni Noviana, Vice-Rector for Education and Student Affairs at IPB University, also delivered a speech. "This activity has many benefits for external exposure, providing students with opportunities to gain experience and be recognized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology and their respective universities."

"Running the program for approximately five months certainly had its ups and downs. I appreciate the commitment and hard work shown by the student participants. I am confident that all the difficulties have shaped them into more mature, resilient, and adaptive individuals," Prof. Deni Noviana concluded.

In his presentation on MSIB management at SEAMEO BIOTROP, Dr. Perdinan explained that SEAMEO BIOTROP also strives to make MSIB management a prototype for systematic and organized internship programs. Some of the products produced include 42 Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs), three modules and pocketbooks, 13 instructional videos, 15 infographics, and six derivative products. This activity was held in Jati, BIOTROP.

After the opening ceremony, the group visited the exhibition prepared by the MSIB Batch 4 participants at SEAMEO BIOTROP. Representatives of the students who were entrusted with guarding the stands provided explanations for each topic. Various products were displayed, including infographics, modules, pocketbooks, instructional videos, and various processed products.

"The displayed products are ready for sale and can be published research results. However, these products still need to undergo market testing, commonly known as market validation. Keep improving so that the market can accept the products," Dr. Wahyu, who is also involved in various entrepreneurship programs at the Ministry of Education, advised.

The activities continued with presentations from student representatives for each topic, highlighting the various products produced and the internship process they underwent during the MSIB Batch 4 program at SEAMEO BIOTROP. In addition to the internship results, the students also presented various mini-research projects to receive guidance and input from mentors and SEAMEO BIOTROP experts.

SEAMEO BIOTROP appreciates the extraordinary efforts and contributions of the MSIB Batch 4 internship program students who have shown their dedication and creativity in advancing their knowledge and skills in the field. Congratulations to all the participants of MSIB Batch 4 on their outstanding achievements!

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