Pioneering Special Education Journal: Sharing Session on Journal Management Wednesday, 08 November 2023 on 12:23pm

Pioneering Special Education Journal: Sharing Session on Journal Management

In a mission towards enhancing research and knowledge dissemination in special education needs through scientific publication, SEAMEO SEN organized a collaborative sharing session on journal development with SEAMEO BIOTROP on 6 November 2023. The workshop was participated by the SEAMEO SEN Board of Directors, managers, and staff.

Madam Jamilah Kadir, the esteemed director of SEAMEO SEN, inaugurated the session with a heartfelt acknowledgment of BIOTROP's role as the reputable centre with the arrays of publications it have produced, such as scopus indexed journal BIOTROPIA, and popular scientific magazine BIODIVERS. Dr. Perdinan, representing BIOTROP, complemented the opening with insights into the synergy between the two organizations.

The sharing session, led by Mr. Haritz Cahya Nugraha, as the BIOTROPIA Managing editors, delved into the process of journal development, including the initial development phase for journal, sustainability and feasibility, operational mechanisms, required team and expertise, the challenges and advantages, reaching Scopus and best practices, audience engagement and marketing, and financial model and author fees.

In the discussion session, Prof Bambang Purwantara, the Chief Editor of BIOTROPIA shares his insights on the strategy for developing an effective means of publication by considering the scope and targeted audiences. Dr Perdinan also proposed that SEAMEO SEN and BIOTROP draft a joint communication to SEAMES, announcing their partnership in advancing publication efforts. A Community Development Journal was also suggested, aimed at fostering a profound understanding of specific issues for a specialized audience. Additionally, the introduction of a Proposed CPPN (Community of Practice and Publication Network) could lead to enhanced output and a more pronounced impact within the community.

The event concluded with an exchange of best practices for classroom experiences and an introduction to BIOTROP's impressive array of publications, including BIOSphere, BIOSync, BIODivers, BIOCourier, and BIOTROPIA—each serving as a unique conduit for scientific communication and community engagement.

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