Fostering Leadership, SEAMEO BIOTROP held Monday Mind Cloud Idea (MOMI Cloudia): Leadership in Action Monday, 24 July 2023 on 11:58am

Fostering Leadership, SEAMEO BIOTROP held Monday Mind Cloud Idea (MOMI Cloudia): Leadership in Action

SEAMEO BIOTROP successfully held the Monday Mind Cloud Idea (MOMI Cloudia) event with the theme "Leadership in Action" on July 24, 2023. The event was conducted in a hybrid format, with participants attending both in-person at the SEAMEO BIOTROP's Ruang Jati and virtually.

In collaboration with the Forum Indonesia Muda, SEAMEO BIOTROP organized the MOMI Cloudia event, featuring Dr. Yayan Hadiyat, Chief Human Resource Officer of Napan Group, as the esteemed speaker. During his presentation, Dr. Yayan Hadiyat covered topics on leadership theories, leadership styles, and leadership training simulations. He emphasized the essence of understanding human needs, and how a leader's task is to comprehend and address those needs effectively. Drawing from Maslow's hierarchy of needs, he discussed the importance of fulfilling physical needs (food, health, rest), safety needs (shelter, protection from harm), belongingness, esteem, and self-actualization.

In his opening remark, Dr Zulhamsyah Imran as the director of SEAMEO BIOTROP highlighted the significance of leadership in driving organizational success, stressing the importance of teamwork, networking, and the ability to convince partners to be part of the leadership context.

Mr Dicky Indra, the Secretary General of Forum Indonesia Muda, opening remark emphasized the need to cultivate leadership skills from within and continuously refine and apply them throughout life. He acknowledged the importance of adapting leadership practices to align with the current context and challenges.

The event saw enthusiastic participation from 85 attendees representing various institutions from across Indonesia. Alya Shafira played the role of moderator, facilitating insightful discussions and engagement throughout the event. MOMI Cloudia provided a valuable platform for participants to enhance their understanding of effective leadership and its practical implementation in today's world.

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