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Tentative Agenda of SEAMEO BIOTROP Activities

Tentative Agenda of SEAMEO BIOTROP Activities
For period: Jan - Dec 2010

4 February 2010
National Round Table Discussion on “Optimal Utilization and Management of the Citarum River Reservoirs”.

8 – 12 February 2010
Workshop and Training Course on Environmental Management Palm Oil Industry.
Bogor, Indonesia

16 – 18 February 2010
Training Course on Oyster Mushroom Cultivation.
Bogor, Indonesia

20-26 March 2010
Training Course on Sorghum Based-Farming System to Support Food, Feed, Energy and Industry.
Bogor, Indonesia

13 – 14 April 2010
Training Course on the Use of Vacuum Frying/Vacuum Frying in Operation/ Frying Using Vacuum Frying.
Bogor, Indonesia

27 April 2010
Workshop and Sorghum Festival to Support an Integrated System on Food, Feed, Energy and Industry.
Bogor, Indonesia

17 – 21 May 2010
Regional Training Course on Plant Conservation and Traditional Medicine Manufacture.
Bogor, Indonesia

22 – 28 May 2010
Training Course on Development of Bio-Charcoal Technology toward Sustainable Agriculture Management in Facing the Global Climate Change Problems.
Bogor, Indonesia

2 and 16 June 2010, 8 and 22 July 2010
Training Course on Scientific Writing Technique for International Publication.
Bogor, Indonesia

21-25 June 2010
Training Course on the Use of Geographical Information System and Remote Sensing for Natural Resources Management for Sustainable Agriculture.
Bogor, Indonesia

7-11 June 2010
Regional Training Course on Pest Management of Stored Durable Commodities.
Bogor, Indonesia

13 – 15  July 2010
Training Course on Application of Molecular Techniques in Forest Tree Improvement Program.
Bogor, Indonesia

12-16 July 2010
National Training Course on the Management of Weeds and Invasive Alien Plant Species.
Bogor, Indonesia

15 July 2010
Workshop on Weed and Invasive Alien Plant Species Management in Indonesia.
Bogor, Indonesia

22 July 2010
Seminar on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD): Sustainable Management and Lifestyle.
Bogor, Indonesia

17 – 21 August 2010
Training Course on Shallow Waters and Coastal Habitat Mapping.
Bogor, Indonesia

August 2010
Training Course on Aquaculture for Community Development (Catfish & Lobster ).
Bogor, Indonesia

5 – 12 October 2010
Training and Workshop on Fast Growing Species in Community Forestry and Plantation: Investment Opportunity and Benefit.
Bogor, Indonesia

13-20 October 2010
Training Course on Sustainable Mangrove Ecosystem.
Bogor, Indonesia

12 – 14 October 2010
Training  Course  on Utilization of Sludge From Intensive Pellet Aquaculture for Organic Farming.
Bogor, Indonesia

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