SEAMEO BIOTROP and Millennial Generation Leaders in MOMI CLOUDIA Series-11 Thursday, 02 December 2021 on 12:40pm

SEAMEO BIOTROP and Millennial Generation Leaders in MOMI CLOUDIA Series-11

Bogor, November 29, 2021- After the success of the MOMI CLOUDIA series-10 event last October, SEAMEO BIOTROP held the 11th MOMI CLOUDIA series event in November with the theme of “Millennial Era Leaders”. On this occasion, SEAMEO BIOTROP invited Member of Commission VII of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia, Dyah Roro Esti Widya Putri, BA. MSc and Association of LPDP Scholarship Recipients Secretary General, Satya Hangga Yudha W P, B. A (Hons), MSc or better known as Mas Hangga. 

The screening of the Indonesian Raya song, SEAMEO Colors, and the SEAMEO song marks the opening of the events. The MOMI CLOUDIA series-11 event was officially opened by the Head of the Bureau of Cooperation and Public Relations of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Mr. Anang Ristanto, SE, MA. In his speech, he expressed his appreciation to SEAMEO BIOTROP for always involving the Ministry of Education and Culture in every national, regional and international program of activities. "We hope for millennial leaders to be able to provide recommendations and opportunities to strengthen science and technology, through MOMI CLOUDIA activities " said Mr. Anang in his speech.

Dr. Perdinan, Deputy Director of SEAMEO BIOTROP led the discussion. The material presented by these two special speakers have great response, shown by the number of questions that arose in the QnA session. After the discussion session was over, Dr. Perdinan conveyed his conclusions on today's activities.

Presentation of certificate from the Director of SEAMEO BIOTROP, Dr. Zulhamsyah Imran was handed over virtually to the speakers and moderator of the MOMI CLOUDIA series-11. “There is no right or wrong path, there is only how to maximize one's abilities because everyone is different. If the intention is to contribute towards the betterment, the path will open,” concluded Mba Esti.

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