In-House Training on Photography and Drone Operations at SEAMEO BIOTROP Monday, 21 August 2023 on 3:31pm

In-House Training on Photography and Drone Operations at SEAMEO BIOTROP

In-House Training on Photography and Drone Operations at SEAMEO BIOTROP

SEAMEO BIOTROP hosted an In-House Training on Photography and Drone Operations on August 18, 2023. The training event aimed to empower 30 staff members with valuable skills in photography techniques and the effective utilization of drones for various operational tasks.

The training revolved around a comprehensive curriculum designed to achieve several key objectives:
Participants engaged in intensive sessions that explored the proper utilization of advanced camera technology and the efficient operation of drones. These technological tools were highlighted for their substantial contribution to various aspects of SEAMEO BIOTROP's activities.

The training also facilitated a platform for experienced trainers to share best practices and techniques in photography and videography. Asep Saepudin, an expert in camera fundamentals, and Slamet Widodo Sugiarto, M.Sc, specializing in drone operations, led these sessions, fostering a collaborative learning environment.

The participants were encouraged to enhance the creation of high-quality visual content through the proficient use of cameras and drones. By experimenting with different techniques, participants gained insights into capturing captivating images and videos that can serve diverse purposes within the institute.

A significant component of the training focused on optimizing the usage of the camera and drone assets owned by SEAMEO BIOTROP. This strategic approach ensures that the institute's resources are maximized for both training purposes and real-world applications.

In his opening remarks, the Director of SEAMEO BIOTROP stated, "This training not only equips our staff with practical skills but also aligns with our institute's mission to advance research and development activities through innovative technological means."

Divided into two main modules, the training covered essential areas:

Camera Fundamentals and Operation (Asep Saepudin): Asep Saepudin, a seasoned photography expert, provided comprehensive guidance on camera basics, operation, and the art of capturing compelling photos and videos.

Drone Operation and Maintenance (Slamet Widodo Sugiarto, M.Sc): Slamet Widodo Sugiarto, delved into the realm of drone operations. Participants gained insights into drone piloting, GPS navigation, and utilizing mapping applications through mobile devices.

The training's successful conclusion is projected to enhance the capabilities of SEAMEO BIOTROP's workforce, enabling them to generate valuable outputs that harmonize with the institute's ongoing programs and initiatives.

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