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SEAMEO BIOTROP lines up 16 training courses in 2011

For 2011, SEAMEO BIOTROP shall offer 16 national and regional training courses.  The training courses are in line with the program thrusts of the Centre under its 8th Five-Year Development Plan (2007-2011).   They are as follows:

1.Conservation and Sustainable Management of Medicinal Plants
Course Coodinator          :   Dr. Hilman Affandi

2.GIS application for Biodiversity Plant Mapping
Course Coodinator          :    Dr. Hartrisari

3.Integrated Sorghum Development for Food, Feed, and Fuel
Course Coodinator          :   Dr. Supriyanto

4.Household Wastes Composting
Course Coodinator          :   Dr. Hilman Affandi

5.Prevention and Control of Mycotoxins in Food and Feedstuff
Course Coodinator          :   Dr. Okky S. Dharmaputra

6.Cultivation of Oyster Mushroom for Family Resource Improvement
Course Coodinator          :   Ir. Kasno

7.Scientific Writing Techniques
Course Coodinator          :   Dr. Hartrisari

8.Biodiversity and Conservation of Bryophytes and Lichens
Course Coodinator          :   Dr. Sri S. Tjitrosoedirdjo

9.Application of Molecular Techniques in Forest Tree Improvement Program
Course Coodinator          :   Dr. Ulfah Siregar

10.Management of Weeds and Invasive Alien Plant Species
Course Coodinator          :   Dr. Sri S. Tjitrosoedirdjo

11.Shallow Water Benthic Habitat Mapping Using High Resolution Satellite Data
Course Coodinator          :   Dr. Vincent Siregar

12.Establishment of Fast Growing Species in Community Forestry and Plantation:  Investment Opportunities and Benefits
Course Coodinator          :   Dr. Irdika Mansur

13.Nursery Management for Local Tree Species to Support Mine Reclamation
Course Coodinator          :   Dr. Irdika Mansur

14.Integrated Stored-Product Pest Management
Course Coodinator          :   Dr. Idham Sakti Harahap

15.Silviculture Technique to Support Mine Reclamation in SEA
Course Coodinator          :   Dr. Irdika Mansur

16.Digital Micro-Photograph for Mycorrhizae
Course Coodinator          :   Dr. Supriyanto



1.All interested parties are requested to submit duly accomplished application form to designated course coordinators at least 1.5 months before the start of the courses.
2.SEAMEO BIOTROP has the right to cancel or postpone the implementation of any course if the number of participants does not reach the  minimum target of 12.
3.For further inquiry, interested parties are advised to contact the respective course coordinators.

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