SEAMEO BIOTROP and Wikimedia Hosts Wikilatih Workshop on Wikipedia Operation and Editing Workshop Tuesday, 11 June 2024 on 10:50am

SEAMEO BIOTROP and Wikimedia Hosts Wikilatih Workshop on Wikipedia Operation and Editing Workshop

SEAMEO BIOTROP working together with Wikimedia Indonesia conducted Wikilatih workshop on Wikipedia operation and editing at its headquarters in Bogor, Indonesia, on 27 May  2024. The event aimed to empower participants with the skills necessary to contribute to Wikipedia, thus enhancing the dissemination of scientific knowledge on tropical biodiversity.

The workshop featured speakers from the staff of Wikimedia Indonesia and volunteer, including Afrizal Maulana Abdi, Ni Putu Diah Asyanti, Adi Purnama, Ni Kadek Ayu Sulastri, Rahma Azizah, Arief Rifki Fadilla, and Dian Agustin. Their guidance was crucial in teaching participants the intricacies of Wikipedia editing and content creation.

The workshop saw the participation of 47 individuals from various institutions, including SEAMEO Qitep in Language, BRIN (National Research and Innovation Agency), Balai Besar Taman Nasional Gunung Gede Pangrango (Mount Gede Pangrango National Park), staff from SEAMEO BIOTROP, and students from the MSIB batch 6 of SEAMEO BIOTROP. This diverse group brought together expertise from different fields, enriching the discussions and collaborations throughout the workshop

The opening remarks were delivered by the Director of SEAMEO BIOTROP, represented by Mr. Slamet Widodo Sugiarto. In his address, he emphasized the importance of exploring biodiversity information as a hot topic. "Wikipedia, as the most accessed platform, can be a significant opportunity in building a digital literacy ecosystem in the field of tropical biology," said Mr. Sugiarto.
In his welcoming speech, Mr. Rachmat Wahidi, the General Director of Wikimedia Indonesia, emphasized the spirit of "membebaskan pengetahuan" or "liberating knowledge." He provided valuable insights into the significance of digital knowledge dissemination, highlighting the transformative power of making knowledge freely accessible to all.

The hands-on training sessions covered guidelines and policies for disseminating information on Wikipedia, editing existing articles, and creating new content. This initiative is expected to significantly contribute to the visibility and impact of research. Participants also discussed the creation of a dedicated Wikipedia repository for SEAMEO BIOTROP, aimed at organizing and sharing their extensive biodiversity data. This repository is envisioned as a valuable resource for researchers, educators, and policymakers.

By the end of the workshop, participants were equipped with the skills to contribute articles on biodiversity to Wikipedia Indonesia, focusing on themes that address climate change. This aligns with SEAMEO BIOTROP's mission to foster knowledge sharing and conservation efforts in the region.
Among the notable outcomes were three outstanding articles initiated by workshop attendees. Taufikurrahman initiated the article on "Derendan". Alvi D. A. contributed by initiating the article on "Phyllanthus fluitans," and Dian Firta P. spearheaded the creation of the article on "Nepenthes longifolia," adding to the platform's resources on carnivorous plants.

Ade Bagja Hidayat, S. Hut., M. Ling., a participant from Taman Nasional Gunung Gede Pangrango, shared his enthusiasm, stating, "This workshop has been incredibly enlightening. The skills we've gained will not only help in disseminating vital information about our biodiversity but also in engaging a wider audience through Wikipedia.

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